Saturday, December 27, 2008


During math class, I became sucked into one of those "personality tests" where you draw something that looks like a pig and it shows how you will win the lottery in two days.  I had to draw a house, a river, a tree, a bird (or birds), a sun, and a snake.  Anyways, that's not important.  Let's just focus on one part of the house: the chimney.  

The chimney represented that myself, as a person, vented my personal feelings and thoughts through a positive outlet.  This could take place as sports, a diary, a best friend, you name it.  For me, it took place in...nothing.  I had no chimney when I drew my house.  Oh pish posh, I thought then, who needs inner venting? Boy, was I wrong.  I started noticing that there are a million things that run through my head that are abstract, and, to put it rather bluntly, freaking weird.  Here's an example.  While walking around with my sister, we started debating about whether or not snowflakes really are original, and no two snowflakes are ever alike.  Although the conversation was only two minutes long, I thought about the snowflakes that were on my head and wondered if there was somebody on the other side of the world thinking about the same thing.  This turned into a personal rant on how insignificant we all are, in this very big world, which is in a much larger galaxy, which is a part of thousands of other galaxies that are millions of lightyears away.  Anyways, the point is, I can't just rant to myself.  I need to rant to actual people who can put in their own two cents and, although I might be stretching it a bit, make the world a little better to live in.  To sum it all up, I need to grow a chimney.

And so, as 2008 draws to a close, I am making this New Years Resolution.  It is time to make a blog.  It might be boring, awkward, random, or just plain weird, but, hey, it's a new experience.  And isn't life all about experiences? This might not be a blogsome (awesome blog?? GET IT?!?). but I will make sure it is definitely a chimney.