Monday, June 28, 2010


Today, I received a package in the mail. From Carnegie Mellon. And by package I mean a book. And by book I mean the book "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. And by Randy Pausch I mean the guy who put good ol' CMU on the map!!

Oh private schools. I love you.

Two more days.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I officially have 3 more days left until I leave...

For Mexico, that is.

I guess I am somewhat excited, but I also have a sense of bittersweet feelings that are mixed in there. I mean, I am given approximately two months of summer to spend my last days in California before I head off to Pittsburgh. However, half of that will be spent in a city where I cannot do multiple things, such as:

-speak the language (anymore)
-eat the food (to some extent)
-swim in the ocean that is right next to where I will be staying
-bond with friends that I kind of just got to know well only a couple of months ago
-hang out with the famry
-sit on my assets all day and watch movies/tv marathons

As sucky as I guess that all sounds, I can't say that I'm totally hating the idea of going to Mexico. I can still remember the nights where I could feel God's presence on the camp, and listen to testimonies that were both surprising and inspiring. I saw both miracles take place and memories form right before my eyes (wrestling anyone? I am surprised that nobody was seriously injured), and I can't wait to see what God has in store for me/chris/timmy.

Adios, amigos y amigas. I will see you soon! And by you I mean the remaining handful of people that actually read this. And by soon, I mean Sonoma (John and Clare, hello!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I would like to point out that today was the first day I cheated on a computer game. I kicked some MAJOR BUTT in age of empires. Oh cobras and star wars figurines of which I do not know the name of (storm troopers?), why are you so tempting and yet so frakking awesome?

It is definitely really easy to cheat, I realize now, when nobody is looking. I think the idea of cheating is all relative. I mean, if everyone eventually uses the cheats in AoE and beats the game, it's not really cheating now, is it?

Once I played Super Smash Bros Melee, and this guy who used Samus would always kick butt and I had no idea why, until I peeked at what his hands were doing to the controller and it turned out that he was using the C-stick to use the smash moves. CHEATERRR.

Anyways, it is 11PM. I exercised today for the first time ever since the end of school, and I don't think I ever felt like puking so much from eating. OH PIZZA MY HEART, WHY ARE YOUR FREE PIZZA SLICES SO BAD TO MY BODY?!

Sometimes I wish that bad food was healthy for you.

As you can see, I am really just documenting what is going through my mind. At All-Nighter at YG, I was forced to stall for like 15 minutes, and I actually just talked about nothing. It was really weird, like this blog, I guess.

Last night I dreamed that I had to organize Snow Retreat again, and I had to plan all of the food stuff because the people at Camp Chinquapin didn't do food services, and when we got there they refused to make our food, and whatever MAC did to convince them otherwise they got HELLLA PISSED. then I woke up, and was scared that I was going to be late for VBS.

blarghy blarghy blarghy lbargh.jkhawljhgaekljh

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I can't remember what I was feeling when I was about to take my first steps as a high school freshman, but I hope I remember this feeling of almost graduating as a high school senior.

Again, I think it is this discomfort I have with my unknown future. I know now that I am not as confident that I would like to be, not as skinny as I would like to be, and definitely not as funny as I think I am, so of course there are doubts flowing through my head about being accepted and wanted as a person. These are all basic needs that probably every single senior feels as they go to college. However, it is hard to believe that fact, and easy to believe that it is going to be me against the world. Quite a scary thought. God, please grant me the strength to get through all of this unnecessary (but really, necessary) emotion. I want to FEARLESSLY TAKE ON THE WORLD! i love cliches.

one more day until the end

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


3 more days.

I think I am split between wanting to get out of high school ASAP because I am sick and tired of the busy work and feeling nostalgic and kind of wishing that I could do it all over again. I am glad to say that I have accomplished a lot of the things I wanted to do in Monta Vista:

-win a rally
-lose a rally
-Get a job

I am usually not the type to be nostalgic, but I think I realized today that I am finally at peace with the things that I wanted to do at MV but never did. On top of that, I will be moving for the first legitimate time to a new home in a completely new environment. I don't think nostalgia is just remembering the past, but actually an indirect fear of the future because your comfort zone is vanishing in 72 hours.

I am definitely scared of what the future will bring me, but as I review the montage of memories in my 4 years of high school, I can't help but feel like God had me every step of the way. I now kind of know who I am, and I can say that God has already known where I would be headed and everything seemed to fall into place perfectly. I am scared, but I am excited, because I know that I will embark on an adventure that God has for me, and it will be BAWSSSSOME.

Forever Young - A Farewell to the MVHS Class of 2010. from Minh Bui on Vimeo.

Props to Minh Bui for making this yo!