Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The early decisions have arrived, and where did I get in?!?


Actually it's because I didn't apply anywhere for early decision. Did I scare you there?! good.

But all of this early decision-ing and admissions and rejections are really poking at my noodle. My college application process is definitely a different process than what I thought it would be. I thought I was going to major in business and ed somewhere. Instead, I am applying to a horrendous amount of privates with a declared major in psychology; all regular decision. It's interesting to see where God is taking me on this (less than) spectacular journey. This is definitely a huge lesson from the BIG Man Upstairs that I am never in control of my life. However, it sure is hard to be completely at ease with the fact that I may not even make it into Cal-Poly SLO. -____________- maybe I should have early decision-ed there.

On a more interesting note, when I applied to USC, I actually was bold enough to write down the url of my blog. I wonder if they actually look at it. Hi USC!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today during lunch, I asked my brother how rainbows were made. He said that God drew them on the sky with crayons and the rain blurred the lines together. When I told him the rainbow went away, he said that God had erased it.


Sunday, December 6, 2009


It is December.

It is December, and I don't think I have ever felt this cold before. Like, seriously, I wake up and cringe at the weather reports because the temperature never goes above 60 now. My toes are always cold, my nose is always cold, and I have to wear longsleeves. EWWW. Is it just me, or do your arms feel suffocated when there is more than one layer on your forearms?

It is December, and I can't see the beautiful mahogany color on my desk. It is under layers upon layers of paper, magazines, college application essay drafts, and books. Today I tried looking for my lit essay rubric and found a Lifetouch check for $50. I then found my rubric, and lost the check (I can't help feel that it is stuck in a book somewhere).



Hooray :) that means Christmas season is here! I basically walk around with a fatty grin on my face because I listen to 96.5 (aka CHRISTMAS SONGS IN DECEMBER) all the time. But secretly. NPR and Christmas songs are my secret radio stations; if someone else is in the car with me, I have some weird feeling to change it to 94.9.

This year, I was unfortunately too busy to set up the Christmas tree. The Chen clan Christmas tree is at least my age-every year we bring it down from the attic and marvel at the odd smell and discolored plastic, and every year we talk about buying legit evergreen trees. But, lo and behold, it ends up standing next to the piano, restored to its annual glory. I love Christmas :)

I guess the best thing about December is the people. Especially this year!! College peeps come back, relatives meet up, and friends chill together! I am SOOOOPER excited this year because I will be a second semester senior! I've even made a list of things that I will accomplish starting December 18th:

2. Do the Costco Challenge (10 bucks=how much food you can buy from the outside cafeteria)
4. Eat spam
5. How I Met Your Mother Marathon

SO that is all. Yays and Nays of this month. I need to finish my lit essay now. TA TAAA