Monday, June 29, 2009


Even after AP tests and finals are over, all of my summer goals have yet to be fulfilled. Well I'm sure you might be asking, what summer goals?!? aHA! That, my dear reader, is the point of this blog! HOORAY!! BLOGS HAVE THEMES AND POINTS!

-go workout: I think I got membership to the YMCA in like, the beginning of the year or something. At first, I was super excited-I thought, "I'm super busy during the school year, but after AP testing and finals are over, I am going to be SUPER LEAN and SUPER MEAN to the MACHINE. Well, summer is about 1/3rd gone, and have I gone to the Y? Not even once. I used to be scared that I would end up getting the old-lady butts from sitting in front of my computer for days, but now I sadly accept it.

-get a job: Well, it turns out that you have to start applying 1. before summer starts, and 2. when the economy is not in the crappers.

-have some nerf gun fun: So at all-nighter, we were ABOUT to do that, when I, in my fits of trying to be cool, decided to go Army-Ranger/Black Hawk Down status, and ended up bleeding on the church carpet. GREAT. Don't worry though, I learned my lesson: Army-Rangers never wear sandals. OORAH!

-clean!: you know that feeling you get when you haven't cleaned in a super long time and then you don't know what to do with all of the crap laying around? and then you decide to screw it all and make pancakes?

-fly a kite: if it was windy that would totally work, but I think the kite might burn if it gets too close to the sun.

-BLOG: hopefully this is a start of something (new! It feels so right, to be here with you, WOAHHH! yay hsm!!) and as long as I don't run into any bloggers block, I should be okay.


I hope everyone is having a SUPER SUMMER! Stay cool, freeze some grapes (no, really, you should try it), and get some F-U-N! Cliche, I know.