Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Curse you internet.

Okay honestly, I REALLLYYY should be doing actual productive stuff right now. oh gee. anyways well here is my excuse on why I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing: I got sidetracked by everyone else's blogs and said to myself, "hey, why don't I post too?" As I am writing this, I can definitely imaging the two figments of my imagination (angel and devil?) sitting on my shoulder while I am writing this. Here is how the conversation would go:

Angel: you know, if you're trying to be creative about this blog post, why don't you take that creativity and apply it to the grad night script, like you should be doing? Holds up my to-do list (ahh spoiler alert to all HOC5 seniors! well not really. but now you know, we have a video.)

Devil/demon/whatver. it's red and it has horns: oh puleeze. you were already so productive today! you wrote out an agenda for your internship and changed the food for the birds! that already crosses out 2 things on your to-do list! and who cares about SATs and college stuff?!

Angel: You know Ashley, while you are writing this, I can already sense that this conversation is getting nowhere. You should end it here before it gets worse and people have to burn their computer for your lack of blogging skill and horrible writing, not to mention a story line worthy of being a new show on abc family (HINT: THIS MEANS ITS BAD)

oh dear. that really was bad. you know, maybe our brains aren't at our heads. I think they're at our butts. Therefore, the more we sit on a chair for long periods of time, our brains get flatter and more 2D instead of 3D, squishing out the part of the brain that makes awesome. So what is in the head? Silly reader, where else would the angel and devil live?

Yeah i know, I bet you were like "dude. I totally called it." of course you would! What else would I write for abc family?

Saturday, July 11, 2009



Do not watch Bruno.