Saturday, October 31, 2009



My first legit one ever! I actually made a costume and went trick or treating!

The only time I remember going trick or treating was when I was 5 or something. I remember walking to like 4 houses before going back home, and my parents took all of my candy too! >:( NOpe. defffff not bitter. I think sometimes I would dress up on the day before halloween at school or the day of halloween, but I stopped after I realized that beanies and sunglasses don't equal gangster. Oh sixth grade. Why are you so embarrassing to me?!

Yeah come to think of it, my middle school years are like the epitome of the word awkward. I wore man pants and Ross clothing (not that Ross is bad cause I don't want to offend anyone, but yeahh I had like 4 shirts that had monkeys on them that looked like paul frank knock offs and there was like a quote about something about girl power.) and thought that I should have been invited to every party but there just weren't any so it was okay (actually there were parties. I just wasn't invited.). I think it would be interesting to go back to middle school and kind of redo a lot of the things that I did. Like, what if I hung out with different people, and what if I didn't break up with so and so after a month or something? Or what if I actually did a sport? Who knows. Isn't life interesting? Now, if I could condense everything I think about into a 500 word essay...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


HOMECOMING POST! even though hc is already over. BUT this is not a "hey what did we do during homecoming etc etc" because if you really needed a blog to tell you what happened you DO NOT DESERVE IT. you should have been there to experience it!

anyways. let us commence.

I think every year I actively participate in homecoming, I end up getting hurt. Come to think of it, I DO.

Okay, I didn't reallly actively participate in freshman year, but during sophomore year, I tried racing someone to Kennedy on a bike and ended up getting a NASTTYYY burn thingy on my elbow when I tried to turn. and it wasn't even the right place to turn into! Fail. I think it ended up getting infected.

During junior year, I was in my big longboarding phase, but i never went down hills (so technically, it wasn't really longboarding, just push-yourself-on-a-piece-of-wood-uphill-barding) so, when I went down the Wilsons' hill (in retrospect, it wasn't even a hill. it was a tiny slope. like embarassingly tiny) I got scared of going too fast and tried to stop, but ended up like tripping or something and basically falling off my board. I had to go back to MV cause it was the DECA LDC (leadership development conference) and had to lead an activity, and throughout the activity, i swear, there were like 5 people that I thought had an answer to one of my questions, but all they said was, "Uhhh your arm is bleeding." Thank you, captain obvious.

OKay, so I go through six weeks of homecoming madness, and towards the end, I came out almost unscathed: one scratch on my chin from chicken wire. I didn't fall or anything, so I considered it a success, even after float setup and all of that madness was over. But it was too soon, because the very day after the night of HC, what do I find? Multiple scratches, bruises, AND a swollen fingertip! I mean, WTF. I don't even know how I got them. Well, the scratches and bruises are healing nicely, but that finger thing is just crazy. It turns out that my finger got infected! I don't even know how! Actually I think I do. I probably got a splinter stuck in there and it got infected. Oh San Mateo Truck Rentals. Why do your trucks suck? Anyways, it got so bad that I ended up performing minor surgery on myself. OH my goodness it was so ghetto. I took a needle and sterilized it by holding it over a candle flame (come to think of it, the flame probably wasn't very clean either since the tip of the needle was always black from the soot) and then i basically poked my finger multiple times until, all of a sudden, the great volcano of white pus gross-ness just like ERUPTED. oh gee. it was disgusting. I will spare you the details, not like how homecoming spares my body.

ohh speaking of gross pus stuff, i was browsing youtube and wasting time, and then i found THISlike seriously, if you can handle this, go watch 2 girls 1 cup and let me know how it goes:

like seriously, if you can handle this, go watch 2 girls 1 cup and let me know how it goes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I think whenever I get involved with professional sports/sports team, the team I root for ends up losing. Examples:

Elementary school: 49ers vs Raiders
My family freaking had a Superbowl party, and we all wore black and grey. The Raiders lost. But the commercials were good. But, come to think of it, I didn't root for the commercials. Only the team.

Middle School: Steelers vs Seahawks
I rooted for the Seahawks. By then nobody in my family watched the Superbowl anymore, and there I was, sitting on the hardwood floor working on my DNA project for 7th grade science, watching the Steelers beat the crap out of the Seahawks. It was a lovely moment.

High School: USC vs. Cal
So today, I dressed up in blue (I didn't have a Cal shirt :( ) and headed off to floatbuilding, and argued with multiple people about how Tommy the Trojan was going to get his head bitten off by the Cal bear (figuratively). I even recorded the game! But after watching 2 quarters, I was so depressed by the score that I ended up looking up the score online. (The bears lost) Well, at least I didn't bet on the game; this one guy at floatbuilding said he bet $100 bucks (that he didn't even have) that Cal would beat USC 16-9. The score was 30-3, trojans.

I sure hope whichever college I go to doesn't have a football team, because if they do, they are in deep trouble.