Friday, September 4, 2009


It's sad to see what "hanging out" in Cupertino has been reduced to.

Today, I went to go "hang out" with some buds (Chris and Panos). Dinner? Paneras. After dinner activity? Target.


I mean, it got so bad that I even saw my parents at Target. They were "hanging out" too! WTF.

Well, at least I got some productive stuff done at Target. I bought a box of Lucky Charms! yay for research :) Here are my finds:

-They have this new charm: the hourglass! it kinda looks like a bra without the straps.
-Marshmallow charms taste the best when they are soggy
-Not marshmallow charm cereal do not taste best when they are soggy.
-There is this Target brand cereal called: Marshmallow cereal. Why wasn't that our Homecoming theme instead?

Oh btdubs. There is this NEW NERF GUN AT TARGET! ohh my. it fires 20 darts in rapid fire mode. BEAST.

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  1. LOL. How interesting...running into parents while hanging out! They must be good at it, too, then. :)