Monday, March 16, 2009


I finally got my license.  Hooray!

I find it oddly ironic that, once I get my license, I:

1. Refuse to drive by myself
2. Refuse to drive
and 3. Still think I have my permit.

Everytime my mom says, "Oh, you can just go by yourself to ______", my heart skips a beat and I see myself posing in front of a dented car and holding a through-the-roof insurance coverage  certificate. Ohhh the irony.

How do people do homework while watching tv? I can barely write a blog post with the tv on.  Maybe it's because it is, once again, the chinese channel.

Speaking of all things chinese, I went to go try on some chinese-style dresses for the SV DECA fashion show (I'm the emcee; not a model thank goodness-I think there is a height requirement for that job), and I realized that, by wearing those things, I would look EXACTLY like a waitress in a restaurant. A sign? quite possibly.  Maybe wearing a prom dress to the fashion show would look better...

Prom is in 2 weeks, and I still don't have plans for a dress, hair, makeup, or anything prom. Oh dear.

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