Thursday, March 19, 2009


QUIZ TIME. whats this?

pro       mise

give up?? the answer is....
a broken promise. HAH.

Although you may think its a bad joke, it't actually an odd transition into a broken promise of what I thought was an unspoken promise of democratic processes in student government.

Basically, there was this guy and this gal, let's call them H and M (boy that kind of gives it away. it's okay, I'm not bashing them personally; I think they are rather cool peeps) who came up with an idea that would get rid of officer positions in ASB and class, which would result in what I percieve as a turn back to a popularity contest for elections.  But, like a true American, I thought, well, at least we can talk about it so maybe H and M can change their minds in a mature and democratic way.  

Ohhh no.

So today during Leadership, H says (in a nutshell), "OKAY we will have a discussion about this, but I've already decided in my mind." 

Cue the thoughts of Ashley.

Really? You've already decided? No offense, but that kind of sounds like a five-year old saying, "Green is the best color, and I don't care what you say to try and convince me otherwise (Although, no arguement there-green is the best color)."  I really do view this as a broken promise, because I signed up for a class that was called student government, and I'm pretty sure that it was implied that the "student government" was modeled after the American government, where democracy and equality reigns supreme, and not a dictatorship.   And the funny thing is, we actually spent 45 minutes discussing this, where we, the leadership kids, tried to point out our views.  But you know what? It didn't matter, because it was already decided by people who don't even participate in elections or getting their hands dirty with all of the responsibilites that ASB/class officers go through.

Ironically, after getting pissed off, I had to be interviewed for el estoque on an article that harped on how great Leadership was.  And during the whole interview, I couldn't help but wonder about the real motive behind this drastic change.  Our class is great; why fix what's not broken?  I don't see the effectiveness of changing for the sake of change.

I'm not adamantly opposed, but I want to see the real motives and a democratic decision by those who actually have to deal with the effects of this radical change.  The Leadership class is not a group of students that only deal with crap that is thrown at them.

(Because she requested it, Alice is the best club commission lead I have ever worked with :) )

Kunalnal: i request to be placed in there as the coolest club commissioner that is not lead and is still good at nose goes

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  1. oh why thank you ashley chen! i appreciate the shoutout!