Monday, November 30, 2009


I have been working at Subway for close to four months now. I remember thinking, when I started working, "Hey! I am TOTALLY going to lose some weight cause I'm eating all those sandwiches!"

Oh boy, was I wrong.

Since then, my tummy has only gotten bigger when the sammiches have gotten smaller and smaller. For awhile, I even tried eating the garden patties that they have (not too shabby btdubs.) but I realized that they were not even advertised as healthy. Then, I switched to only the subs listed on the napkins. Now, I don't know about that guy on the TV doing all of that advertising, but the napkin-listed subs taste like crap. I mean, the only edible thing there is the oven-roasted chicken breast, and even that looks like a meat frisbee. So now, I make my own variations of the existing subs, and ignore the caloric taunts from the napkins I wipe my mouth with.

Now, why a Subway post now? you ask. Well, today was the first time in a LONGG time when I ever actually felt sick of those delicious sammies. I also weighed myself today, and only GAINED WEIGHT. A little part of me wants to place all of the blame on the Thanksgiving turkeys and the ginormous amounts of food that I down four times a day. But no, I must face the facts. Stupid Subway.
i hate you.

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  1. "caloric taunts"--awesome verbiage--with personification, too! :)