Friday, November 13, 2009


Today is Friday the 13th. WOOOOO.

A lot of people were like, "OH EM GEE. I am having the crappiest day ever! Must be because today is the day after thursday the 12th."

I donno about them, but I think my day was not that bad. Well, the day isn't over yet, but YA KNOW.

I submitted my first college application today. WOO Cal Poly! go mustangs (it's sad that I had to google what the mascots for cal poly were.). I realized just how easy applying to college could be, but, alas, our mini-society has made it so that Cal Poly SLO has become my backup, and Ivy League schools my target. (Actually, Ivies are my reach, but I WISH!) Oh society.

I learned this on Friday the 13th. Poop. I wish i learned this on the 14th.

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