Tuesday, February 2, 2010



I never really understood what the point of this day was about, and yet I still religiously follow that stinkin' rodent every February 2nd. I still don't get how seeing a shadow would mean 6 more weeks of winter...anyways.

It has been approximately a month since the start of the new year, and instead of posting the new years resolution thang on January 1st, I decided to thumb my nose at the rest of mainstream blogger society and make one in FEBRUARY. Take that, mainstream America! (Actually, I was always meaning to write one, but I was either too lazy or...no. I was just too lazy.)

Since the start of the new year, I have:

-Lost weight! (gained it back within a week...and then some. eating panda today probably did not help)

-Longboarded! (One time around the block before I got a couple of weird stares from the indian familia that lives across the street)

-Hiked! (up to Hunter's point, where I felt like I was 40 because I felt sore afterwards. I also did the hike in flip flops.)

-Eaten a McGangBang! (Delicious, but it definitely contributed to the gaining-back-weight thing).

-Re-developed my love for reading! (1984. WHAT UP. I have two more books in my car and one sitting on my desk)

-Gone to Winter Ball! yayy

Since the start of the new year, I have not:

-Exercised regularly like I thought I would

-Gone on a picnic

-Become organized. INSERT BIG SIGH HERE


-Grilled a steak by myself (although I have started to make lunch for the familia every Saturday! yay)

-Drive stick.

-Gone on any COLLEGE VISITS!

And, most importantly (as well as the most frightening), I have not done devotionals. OHHH dear. I know that this will not turn into any positive growth for my spiritual growth. In fact, it is probably a negative thing! It is definitely going to be hard to get over this hump of apathy and laziness to become m more devoted to my own spiritual growth.

Well, that is my list of the thing I have/have not done. My goal is to be able to do every single one of the things I have not done yet. 2010, here we go!

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