Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snow Retreat 2010

It has been almost a month since my very last snow retreat ended, and I guess it's finally time for that traditional rant. Originally, I told myself that I wouldn't write one of these this year because I wanted to keep my thoughts on the private side, and apparently I "have better things to do with my time". Still true for the first half, definitely not true for the second half. My senioritis has gotten so bad that yesterday, I downloaded and played Age of Empires II for 3 HOURS. and then I watched Chuck.

random tangent end.

Anyways, snow retreat. I actually started working on snow retreat in 2009, when I teamed up with MAC and Grace to start making stuff happen. In retrospect, a lot of the Snow Retreat planning stuff ended up running smoothly, so props to MAC and Grace and the rest of the team for that. Thanks, guys :)

So yes. Things I learned about God/me from snow retreat:

-Slow down! I definitely realized that I have been slowly inching away from God by immersing myself through activities, surprisingly, through the Church. It's easy to plan things and not be able to step out and see the whole picture.

-Prayer performs miracles. I definitely think that this year's real theme should have been something like this, or at least something about prayer. Our worship team actually prayed on Sunday night and Monday night, and, to me, God definitely answered our prayers. He did what I thought would be impossible-people actually opened up and drank up His beautiful glory.

-God will always provide a way out. I guess this is related to that infamous Monday night. I had to play piano for around 3 hours, and I was not looking forward to it at all. I realize now that I have ended up viewing my musical abilities as a chore instead of an act of worship. As our worship team gathered in the back, I could not help but feel exhausted. I don't think I have ever been more physically, emotionally, and spiritually spent, and all I wanted to do was to sleep. But, when people actually started praying for me (cue the waterworks), I felt energized and completely at peace for the rest of my duration up on stage (it's actually pretty neat, the moment we finished, I was back to being tired). There really is no other way to describe that night, other than cliche, because the experience of that night is overused by everyone who was there that evening. That's a good thing though.

-and, on a lighter note, watch out for random bumps on the slopes that will SCREW YOUR PERFECT RUN. I am still bitter.

I am glad that I never really got any emotional high from this retreat, because I am now able to actually see what God was able to teach me. I will miss Snow Retreat? I guess I'm just scared that I will become a statistic, and be one of the 8 out of 10 that fall away because I won't have these mid-year retreats at college.

the end.

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  1. two things

    1. AoE = awwweeessommmeeee

    2. you most definitely will have retreats in college!