Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When I first came to Mexico, I definitely thought that I would be grunging it up and making a direct impact on the Ensenada community.

What I actually did? I worked in the kitchen and built one house. one!

I'm not complaining, though. I am actually rejoicing. Every single time I go out somewhere for Jesus, He seems to:

1. Crush my own expectations, and then promptly
2. Blow me out of the water with His experience

I have gotten to know amazing and inspiring people who hail from all sorts of different backgrounds in different parts of the world. I have felt God show me what heaven will feel like. I may not have done things that have an immediate result, but, as I work behind the scenes, I have seen what it takes to run an operation like this.

This is not a missions trip, but an immersion into the life of a missionary. Of course, I will miss this place. Life is definitely more simple here, where people don't make long term plans on where they will be in ten years, or even what they are doing this evening! But of course, I know that God has sent me to college for a reason. I can't always stay in this bubble forever.

Adios Mexico (even though I really leave on Saturday), see you when I see you.

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