Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Okay so I was at first going to write about the specific people that I didn't get to speak for at Grad Night but I TOTALLY wanted to, but as I was writing, it seemed really hard to put it in words, because, honestly all you 09ers, words cannot describe how much I love you all and how much I will miss you guys. When I was with you peeps, it felt like I knew you all like we were family friends when I only met you guys in like 7th grade at the earliest.

oh gee. this is quite hard. i don't think I have ever tried this hard to think about what to write here. I mean this requires me to think of the trillions of inside jokes and memories that I have had with you all, and my memory sucks. I barely remembered what happened last year (welllll except that we beat you guys at the homecoming rally. OKAY OKAY sorry this is supposed to be a serious post about honoring you guys instead of talking about the prowess of 2010). okay.

Anyways I don't want to name names or whatever cause it will seem unfair but I really will miss you guys. You have all been great to me, and now it feels like a part of me is leaving too. I wish you all the best, and when you get famous don't forget me!! i'll keep your signatures with me so that I can sell them on ebay for millions.

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