Thursday, August 20, 2009


I think it sucks sometimes when I come up with really good ideas but then I lack a fatty part of the thing to make it idea work. Okay that seems like a really weird sentence so let me explain:

I just came back from breakfast at the whitest place around cupertino with the whitest food in my stomach-country inn's biscuits and gravy (its funny cause the biscuits and gravy were white. hah.) and instead of getting started on my college app stuff like I told myself I was supposed to do, I ended up playing guitar. In fact, as I am typing this, the pick is in between my teeth because I am too lazy to put it down on the table. Oh Ashley, why are you so weird?

Anyways, I was just messing around with the chords when BING BANG BOOM Ashley's secret musical genius exploded! actually not really. it was more like oh hey this actually sounds decent i wish i could write a song that fit with these chords. But, when I started to think of things to write about, my musical genius DISAPPEARED. noooooo

So now, I am halfway to writing my first song. I have music! but no melody or lyrics. okay just kidding. I am a third of the way done. the end.

I heard that some people don't poop in public and they only poop at home. but what if they go to college? they wont get home until like 3 months later. ewwwwwww

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