Thursday, October 15, 2009


HOMECOMING POST! even though hc is already over. BUT this is not a "hey what did we do during homecoming etc etc" because if you really needed a blog to tell you what happened you DO NOT DESERVE IT. you should have been there to experience it!

anyways. let us commence.

I think every year I actively participate in homecoming, I end up getting hurt. Come to think of it, I DO.

Okay, I didn't reallly actively participate in freshman year, but during sophomore year, I tried racing someone to Kennedy on a bike and ended up getting a NASTTYYY burn thingy on my elbow when I tried to turn. and it wasn't even the right place to turn into! Fail. I think it ended up getting infected.

During junior year, I was in my big longboarding phase, but i never went down hills (so technically, it wasn't really longboarding, just push-yourself-on-a-piece-of-wood-uphill-barding) so, when I went down the Wilsons' hill (in retrospect, it wasn't even a hill. it was a tiny slope. like embarassingly tiny) I got scared of going too fast and tried to stop, but ended up like tripping or something and basically falling off my board. I had to go back to MV cause it was the DECA LDC (leadership development conference) and had to lead an activity, and throughout the activity, i swear, there were like 5 people that I thought had an answer to one of my questions, but all they said was, "Uhhh your arm is bleeding." Thank you, captain obvious.

OKay, so I go through six weeks of homecoming madness, and towards the end, I came out almost unscathed: one scratch on my chin from chicken wire. I didn't fall or anything, so I considered it a success, even after float setup and all of that madness was over. But it was too soon, because the very day after the night of HC, what do I find? Multiple scratches, bruises, AND a swollen fingertip! I mean, WTF. I don't even know how I got them. Well, the scratches and bruises are healing nicely, but that finger thing is just crazy. It turns out that my finger got infected! I don't even know how! Actually I think I do. I probably got a splinter stuck in there and it got infected. Oh San Mateo Truck Rentals. Why do your trucks suck? Anyways, it got so bad that I ended up performing minor surgery on myself. OH my goodness it was so ghetto. I took a needle and sterilized it by holding it over a candle flame (come to think of it, the flame probably wasn't very clean either since the tip of the needle was always black from the soot) and then i basically poked my finger multiple times until, all of a sudden, the great volcano of white pus gross-ness just like ERUPTED. oh gee. it was disgusting. I will spare you the details, not like how homecoming spares my body.

ohh speaking of gross pus stuff, i was browsing youtube and wasting time, and then i found THISlike seriously, if you can handle this, go watch 2 girls 1 cup and let me know how it goes:

like seriously, if you can handle this, go watch 2 girls 1 cup and let me know how it goes.


  1. thank you for sharing every detail of your life with me