Tuesday, April 20, 2010


happy pot day! sometimes i wonder what my blog would be like if I wrote only when I was totally baked...

i like unicorns.


Today I have officially become a part of the Carnegie Mellon Class of 2014! Well, I actually submitted my statement of intent to register (SIR) quite a while back, but I think, in my heart, I finally accepted the fact that, in August, I will be packing my life into a couple of boxes and shipping them thousands of miles to a completely new environment, one that is filled with Greek life, snow, and white people.

I'm still not exactly sure about the whole idea of pledging to a fraternity or sorority. I'm not too sure if I fit into the sorority "woo" girl, but I guess I am just being too quick to judge. I was looking at some of the other CMU 2014ers, and they all seemed to be really excited to pledge to a Greek group.

Honestly, I don't exactly see the joys of being in a frat/sorority. It all just seems like a glorified clique that happens to do community service on the side. IIIIIIIIIIIIII don't know. I watched a documentary about frats and sororities when I was taking a sociology class at DeAnza, and I can definitely tell you that I did not leave that class loving Greek life.

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