Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter!!

Today was baptism here at HOC5. I think every time there is baptism I think of two things:

1. My own baptism-I got baptized in 7th grade, and I think, back then, that I truly didn't understand what I was doing. A lot of times i think that I did it just to be on the worship team or something? Maybe I thought it was just a rite of passage to become someone at youth group. I also definitely didn't understand who God was and how He has truly affected my life. Well, I guess I still don't, but I definitely wish that I could re-do my testimony and add all sorts of juicy bits of my life after I got baptized. But I guess I can still do that now

2. Baptism kiddos (including me) always include snow retreat. This time there were 32 people that were getting baptized, and around 28 of them were all youth that talked about how big of an impact the last night of Snow Retreat was and how the worship was so moving, etc etc. It's so weird that I was actually used by God in an active way to touch people's lives with my gift. On top of that, I didn't care about anything that night, and I was HELLZAS tireds of everything yo. It is pretty surreal when I look at it in retrospect.

Well anyways, congrats (and happy birthday) to all those who were baptized today!!

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