Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!

Actually, why do people even care? Honestly, I think that its just another celebration for people to get cheery about. like boxing day. What were those people thinking when they thought of that idea?? I mean, come on, you honestly think you can top a celebration on the day before? decked out with gifts and spending of money? no.

So anyways, I wanted to start off the new year with, hey what do you know, something that fits my new years resolution!! Yay, feeling productive.  I don't think this blog really has a theme or whatever; I think I'm just going to list some of my New Years Resoultions.

Go JOGGING-Every year I list this one.  I think it's because I know that in six months people are going to start looking at my tummy, and I certainly do NOT want them to see flabby lard.  I've also heard of something called a runner's high. Wonder what that is...

Stop Thinking I'm older than I actually am- I think, when I hang out with my 09er buds, I feel that I'm going to college in six months too, so I subconciously think I have college apps to return to when I get home, but instead of college apps, I have College Board. Curse you. 

Devos-I even committed to writing devotions for Snow Retreat, but, after doing that, I realized that um, I haven't even done devos in, like, 2 months.  I think,  at first, it was because I would do them at night before I went to bed, I didn't want my "school knowledge" that I studied to leak out of my brain.  Maybe if I did them right after school.  I heard that statistics show that more information is retained when it is the last thing that is studied before sleeping.  I also heard that you can get cancer from just about anything, and not even a plastic bubble will save you, because some types of plastics leech cancer-inducing toxins.  

Neosporin-This isn't really a new years resolution, but more of a great idea.  If I bring Neosporin with me everywhere, maybe I'll stop getting so many infections from my stupid accidents!  During finals, I got a carpet burn from playing Spoons, and that freaking thing got infected!  Neosporin could have averted that.

So that's all of them for now (more like all that I could remember)! Happy New Year!!


  1. Lol
    it's sometimes an excuse to have fun and hang out. Other than that though, it is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year...things gained and things lost, etc. It's especially a...iono..'special' time for the graduating class of that year

    hahaha, I'm going to start swimming a lot more often now, and i guess its like, even though you're physically tired, you're refreshed and rejuvenated?

    haha college apps, college board...great juxtaposition there

    hmm devos, snow retreat. I know some people who do their devos after they get home from school, it helps them a lot to do them. I usually do them before i go sleep, but recently its been meh kinda :/

    haha I STARTED USING NEOSPORIN THIS WEEK for the first time EVER! go me.

    Happy 09! :D

  2. Hi Ashley!
    Haven't started devos yet either. Curse you, college apps.

    -Ruth (from yg)

  3. Hey Ashley!
    Devos sound good...I need to consistently do them, too...

    Interesting thing about the chimney (even though that was the last post)...what kind of personality test was that? math class? Hmm.

  4. ahahaha how'd you get carpet burns playing spoons!? XDD