Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/24/09 (1/25/09)

Sometimes I feel like the epitome of the word "loser" when I go through experiences and I immediately think, "OMGSH I HAVE to put that in my blog", spend the next two hours planning what I'm going to write, and then, when I get home, not write the blog until midnight, forget what I was going to write about in the first place, and end up thinking that I am already losing enough sleep as it is and have better go to sleep now or suffer the consequences.  Anyways, the point is: I have a good story.  But first, bask in my prowess of procrastination. 

Yesterday was my second (hopefully last) SAT. The first time I took it, I remember entering a room feeling quite naive and insignificant in comparison to those meany seniors with their hooded, single-color sweatshirts, looking as if they were going to shank somebody if he/she with their glares of hate. I don't know, but it was pretty intimidating.  So I know what you're thinking. The January SAT would be the same thing. Ohhh no. Not so, my lovely little blog-reader.  When I got into that room, I felt so white-washed. I was like a twinkie: yellow on the outside, white on the inside.  It was INSANE. The room was filled with those asian fobs that think that reading naruto is for losers because 1) it is for n00bz, 2) why read that crap when you can read, something AUTHENTICALLY JAPANESE (when you aren't japanese because your last name is freaking ching, chen, chao, chu etc.) and 3) it's not fobby enough.  And don't think that it was just for the girls, because there were guys that were EQUALLY ANNOYING! Here is an example (I'm not kidding, you can ask any chang-chiou who took the SATs at prospect):

Proctor: Is everyone done filling out your test ID?
Lame fobby guy who was from Lynbrook and is in concert choir and dares to brag about it: UH NO HEH HEH HEH (what he really means is : I'm so cool because I'm pretending like I can't even fill in numbers correctly but I'm still going to take the SAT and score a 2400 and all of my friends can read in between my stupid laughs and think-ohh what a cool guy since he wears his concert choir sweatshirt and khakis pants that are wayyy too tight for him all the time.)

And, on top of that, one of them GOT ME SICK. great.

Now, I'm not trying to bash on people from lynbrook, or fobby people, or guys who think they're cool when they only look really lame.  While I was doing my SAT, I couldn't help think about what other people thought of me when I entered the room.  Maybe they thought, "WOW what a weird person what was she thinking when she put on a Leadership sweatshirt and MV sweatpants with paint on the butt?? WHAT. A. LOSER."  It's interesting to see how we are all connected in these insignificant ways, but also separated.  It's as if we live in our own little bubble, making strangers obsolete, when, really, they're part of another bubble.  I think I'm rambling a bit, since I kind of forgot my carefully planned outline (as is what usually happens with my blog ideas), so cue anticlimatic ending!!

Oh, btw, happy chinese new year.


  1. Hi Ashley! I didn't know you blogged! How cool (:
    Anyway, that was funny. And I love your title. I do that thing where I post about random things on random days all the time ><"
    - Tammy

  2. Hi!
    I'm a stalker. Cept not.
    But, I do enjoy your blog :) And I know what you mean about the SATs. When I took it I got all the stoners and loser seniors and I felt like a noob because I was wearing jeans instead of sweats and actually cared. [sort of].

  3. hahahaha ashley

    i rly liked that post
    made me laugh

    i hope you did well on ur sats!
    and hopefully you're no longer intimidated by those meany seniors....