Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hey Leadership kiddos! This post is for you.

I remember when I got into the leadership class, I was still pretty conflicted-with leadership, I would have seven classes in junior year.  I felt pretty ready to drop the class and go on with my life, but, for some reason, I stuck with it.   Throughout the year I felt that I got to know a lot of people, but I knew it was still pretty superficial.  Today's leadership development just showed me how little I know about this whole class, each individual, and myself.  I realized that I was so caught up in my own little world and I was SO sheltered.  It was insane.  I know I didn't cry, but it really broke my heart, knowing that you guys have been through so much more than I had, and yet, I had placed myself at a higher priority than all y'alls.  I love you guys so much, and I know I made the right decision sticking with Leadership 08-09.


  1. I pretty much felt the same way as you (except I kept on crying). This experience was a real eye opener and I, too, feel really sheltered. I am so sorry for those who have had hardships in their life.

  2. this really got to me. a great read. i cried for 20 minutes.

  3. sniff ashley. you're making me cry too. >.< and im not even in leadership --;