Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It has been a little more than 2 weeks since my last post.  How sad. Aren't blogs supposed to be, like, diaries or something, where people post on it religiously and document every single moment of their entire lives? 


Well anyways, it has been super encouraging seeing the number of people that actually look at my blog.  I saw that there have been almost 50! I don't know if some of them read it out of pity for me (ohh look at Ashley isn't she cute, writing her own blog and trying to grow a chimney), or out of pure reverence for my awesome, but whatever.  It's actually kind of weird to see that people care about my ramblings, but, I think its pretty important to make sure that I'm not writing this for an audience of like, 50 (or 3, which would be the actual number of people who read every single one of my posts) but more for an audience, of, well, me.  That way, I won't second guess myself on my lame jokes that is only funny to me and ridiculously lame to others (it makes them laugh because I'm so pathetic, right?).

Sometimes I find myself thinking about good blog topics, like how German is quite possibly the coolest awkward language in the world (with their schliden schnlargen bhargen beer weinerschnitzel oktober fest but the UBER messed up spelling, or how I tried to sneak out but let my mom know and then ended up NOT sneaking out, or how when someone talks about blogs I say, "I have a blog!" but only to be shot down with the phrase, "uh. You only have 2 posts."


Most of the time my inspiration is like that.  

No worries though, I think I'm going to try doing this from now on instead of playing blockes on iminlikewithyou or watching lame videos of indian guys getting beat up by other indian guys (look it up, it's actually pretty funny-search: how can she slap indian).
the night before I do my internship hw or actual hw...


I think I'm going to go play blockles now.


  1. hahahah dood
    after reading your post
    it was like...a post about nothing...well, it was a post about something but..not rly anything...hahahahah...it was a blog about blogging...thats so cool xD

    even cooler are your one word paragraphs
    there are 2 different ones, and you used them 3 times: 'oops.' and 'ummmm(m).'. how interesting.

    i missed ur posting >.> so i hope you really do start posting more often now =P

    plz not blockles...my bro plays that...and one of my classmates asked me if i played -__-. apparently she played my bro...and my bro told her she wasnt that good...well...i think he said that she sucked...just in a nicer way...
    blockles...sigh...bloggles are cooler than blockles

  2. Hehehe. Growing a chimney? Interesting...